Li Ion Battery Pack Assembling Machine

Battery Pack Application:<br> Lithium battery pack is widely used in the consumer electronics market, covering mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, portable devices, electric vehicles, solar light and so on.<br> Lithium battery pack process refers to the assembly of battery, BMS, battery wire, nickel strips, auxiliary materials, cell holder etc into finished battery by welding. In the field of consumer electronics, the technology and market of battery pack are mature, with a growth trend.<br> <br> Characteristics of Battery Pack <br> ① Battery Pack requires high consistency of battery (capacity, internal resistance, voltage, discharge curve, life).<br> ② The cycle life of pack is lower than that of single battery.<br> ③ Use under limited conditions (including charging, discharging current, charging mode, temperature, etc.)<br> ④ After pack forming, the voltage and capacity of lithium battery pack have been greatly improved, so it must be protected, and charge equalization, temperature, voltage and over-current monitoring must be carried out.<br> ⑤ The battery pack must meet the voltage and capacity requirements of the design.

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